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You never know until you try 💼

I’ve started on a new business venture and I’ve been learning so much. I was designing a flier just yesterday and was quite impressed by how good it ended up (totally not bragging).

Business to me seems to be two main things: 1) Supply and 2) Demand.

Not only do you need adequate supply to serve your customers, but you need to have a niche that makes you stand out from the crowd. How is your business different than the others? What can you offer that’s better than the competitors?

I also created a Twitter account for my business (I never used Twitter before). I find Twitter to be great to connect with business owners and individuals who may be interested in my services. Instagram and Facebook (not so much), I have both of these platforms active but it seems most people on insta or FB are there to either follow celebrities or watch the latest negative news happening in the world (or watch cat videos). Twitter is the REAL deal! 😀

It’s nice to have other things outside of work I can keep busy with. I would pull my hair all day if there was nothing else productive I could do after 5pm. Even if my business idea fails, at least I will have learned what it takes to run a business, the marketing, the branding, the hiring, the sale, the mess-up, the fix etc., -crucial Life skills regardless of your profession.

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