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Triggers ⚡

Most times it isn’t the ONE good or bad thing that either makes or breaks your day, but rather a sequence of events that trigger a “chain reaction” leading to your current condition. 

Missing your bus in the morning made you angry, your frustration was brought to work and your lack of focus made you spill your coffee on your desk, your deeper frustration showed lack of real concern when your colleagues came up to your office in need of help, this lack of performance then makes a dent in your self-esteem which goes noticed by your supervisor and he asks you to come his office for a quick chat AHHHH!!!

Had you changed your attitude after the ‘first’ trigger of these events, all of this would’ve never happened. We never have full control of the events that we go through, but one thing we ALWAYS have control over in life is our attitude towards these events.

I actually did miss my bus this morning, and to be honest my first reaction was that I did get frustrated. As I sat next to the bus stop, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the weather was. Sun shining and birds singing, I really enjoyed waiting for the next bus. All because I decided not to let this single event ruin my day by triggering more negative situations. I cut the strip of flame before ot reached it’s next source, and so can you 😉

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