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Tightness in my Chest 🚣

Sometimes I wake up and I feel the weight of the entire World on my chest. Today was one of those days.

I sat down with myself and tried to go over what was making me upset, yet I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was.

I tried different techniques to get myself out of the rut I was experiencing. Prayer, meditation, talking to friends, going outside and smelling fresh air, and even forcing a smile on my face so that maybe I can convince my brain that I’m happy. Later this afternoon, I still felt the same.

It’s really interesting how we’re fundamentally governed by our emotions. As human beings, sometimes we get ahead of ourselves with developing the latest gadgets and pieces of technology that we forget that, at the end of the day, we’re still made of flesh and bone. This mixture of flesh and bone encapsulates a heart and a mind that undergoes a series of psychological states throughout our lifetime, and on a daily basis.

Pain, happiness, anxiety, comfort, depression, tranquility, excitement, and sadness: this is what makes up our life here on Earth.

Maybe the goal isn’t to suppress certain negative emotions when they arise, but rather, learn to cope with them and harness there energies towards good things.

After trying to cope with my sadness today, I decided to give into it and experience the sadness fully. I use this feeling of sadness to look into myself, reflect on my life, and come closer to God.

Sometimes negative emotions are needed for you to take a step back and gain a better perspective on life.

Ask yourself this, have you ever a moment of deep solitude and reflection when you were excited? Probably not. Sadness comes as nature’s reality check for when you’re rushing through life and not giving yourself a break.

Sadness is also a great opportunity for you to seek out the real friends in your real life. By seeking their comfort, your friends also feel valued in the relationship, because the act of “giving” is very rewarding.

Sadness is also a powerful tool to bring you closer to God. The reality is, many of us tend to forget our Creator when we “think” we have life fully under control.

So if you’re ever feeling sad, observe the feeling and don’t necessarily try to force it out. For sadness could be the secret ingredient to your life, giving you the wisdom to slow down and steer your boat in the right direction.

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