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There must be a Darkness, for the Dawn to Come

Anger, envy, anxiety, and fear.

These are all negative emotions that we feel when we start losing pieces of ourselves.

  1. Anger: When you’re frustrated with yourself, you can easily release your frustration on someone else.
  2. Envy: When you’re not happy with what you have, you can easily compare yourself to someone else and wish you had what they have.
  3. Anxiety: When you’re not content with where you are today, your mind will race to what will happen in the future, making you forget to enjoy the present moment.
  4. Fear: When you don’t have enough self-esteem and confidence in yourself, you can easily be emotionally vulnerable to the threats from the outside, which are most of the time imaginary and not real.

Of course there are other triggers to feeling these emotions, and these negative emotions are part of life. I am sharing these points because I recently experienced them, and made me realize that the source was lack of love for myself.

I am back on track in finding my passion again, re-building my confidence, and re-kindling the flames of my passion for life.

Hope you love yourself enough to do the same as well.

Take care,


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