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Progress Leads to Happiness

I was driving from Toronto last night with a big smile on my face. There wasn’t a particular thing that brightened up my day yesterday, so I challenged myself to answer why I was in such a good mood. I wanted to see what it was that lifted my spirits so I can do more of it.

After thinking very deeply about it last night, I figured out why I was in a happy state. Although there wasn’t a particular thing that made me very happy yesterday, I know that there was a noticeable change in my life from before. Progress.

I had seen noticable differences in my physical strength from hitting the gym again, I had seen wonderful new reviews for my business, and I was taking a better grasp at my mental health!

A couple of weeks ago I remember my emotional state not being too great. I had spent a good portion of my summer travelling, camping, and spending some amazing time with family. Although these things sound super fun, something inside me wasn’t content. So no matter where I was, whether it be cruising through the alleyways of beautiful Venice, walking through the colorful markets of Istanbul, or shopping across the glamorous malls of Kuwait, I did not feel content from within. I was not fully happy.

My travelling produced unexpected results. Earlier this summer I thought I was missing more travelling in my life. So I booked a couple of tickets to view the World, thinking maybe that’s what I needed.

My travelling ending up teaching me more than making me happy.

Travelling taught me that:

  • Happiness means different things to different people
  • It doesn’t matter where you are, if you’re not happy within, you’ll never be happy anywhere you go
  • Meeting people that were different than me was more exciting than visiting exotic places
  • It’s more fun to travel with friends than travelling alone. The journey is more enjoyable than the destination

I’m very fortunate to have experienced solo travel. It made me learn so much about myself and about the world.

By taking the risk to travel alone, I also learned that it wasn’t the thing I needed to pursue to make me happy after all. Had I never experienced it, I would never known this fact.

Right now I am determined to unleash my potential in developing myself (mentally, physically, and spiritually) and growing my business.

I know my struggles still exist, but that is just the reality of life. There’s beauty in the struggle. Without hardship, you’re not growing.

Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. Because only when facing difficulty can you do some really amazing things in this life.

And while you’re growing yourself against the challenges, don’t forget to look within you to find what makes you happy. I discovered that progress was the secret ingredient for me.

Until next time, love yourself

-Ahmed <3

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