Portfolio - Ahmed Mezil (P.Eng, MASc)

Passionate about engineering, design projects, and teaching 

University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering, BASc ‘2014
University of Toronto, Mechanical Engineering, MASc ‘2017
Professional Engineer, Professional Engineers Ontario

Engineering co-op experience (via uWaterloo, 2009-2014)


Undergraduate Engineering Project (uWaterloo, Mechanical Engineering, BASc ‘2014)

Movement therapy system for paraplegic individuals. Exercising the lower body (pedaling) using the upper body (rowing) to promote blood flow and muscle activation (in order to reduce spasms)



Click here to see the exercise machine in action!

Graduate Engineering Research Project (University of Toronto, Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering, MASc ‘2017)

Designed and built an adjustable armrest chair to improve sit-to-stand activities for older adults with functional limitations

^One of my awesome senior participants! 😀    


Outreach and Mentorship

DaVinci Engineering Enrichment Program (DEEP), University of Toronto

(what I fell in LOVE with!)



Here is a video of one of my DEEP Engineering Summer Camps


Where am I now? 

University of Guelph


What am I doing? 

Working as a Senior Biomedical Engineering Lab Coordinator. Teaching engineering students how to run cool lab experiments, helping faculty through improving the lab spaces, guiding and mentoring students throughout there projects and courses, and working with devices and lab hardware to make sure safety, quality, and awesomeness are maintained.


Here is an example video of one of my labs: