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Normal Life was a Rich Life 😷

You never know what you got until it’s gone. 

Just over a month ago I was sitting at a Starbucks pondering how my Life would be like if I owned a mansion. One month later, I find myself confined in my home pondering what Life would be like if I was sitting back at Starbucks again.

It’s crazy how I miss normal life again, when back in normal Life, I took everyday for granted. I would scoop one blessing after another yet it would never be enough. My mind would always be thinking about my next big move, how I could make more or be more. And today, I realized I truly had everything I ever needed the whole time.

I watched a live stream video of the Friday sermon today. The imam said something that I really liked. “Your happiness is based on your expectations in Life”, he said. “This Life (ie. Dunya) is nothing but a test, and if you have really high expectations of it, you will struggle, and you surely will not be happy”.

When I was living my normal life, my expectations of myself and what I should become were too high. Hence the reason why I was always out “hustling” and “chasing the dream”, never fully satisfied with where I was. There’s a lot of fatigue with hustling if you’re not content with where you are right now.

Today’s circumstances are forcing me to look within myself to fix a few bad habits that I’ve accumulated throughout the years. Sleeping habits, eating habits, relationship habits with friends and family, thinking habits, and entertainment habits. 

As much as I miss the good old days of normal life, perhaps there’s something good out of all of this. Insha’Allah.

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