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Monkey Mind 🙈

Disclaimer: This post does not allude to evolution nor the idea that we’re descendants from a particular animal species. Bear with me here (pun intended).

I can’t count how many times I get distracted with new and exciting ideas everyday. Ideas as to how I can make better improvements to my career, add more value to my business, or even eat breakfast more efficiently!

One of the interesting characteristics of my personality type (ENFJ) is that I exhibit a trait called “monkey mind”.

What is monkey mind?

In short, monkey mind is a characteristic where your mind frequently enjoys shifting it’s attention to the shiniest object in the room, always seeking to start something new and more exciting. People that exhibit a monkey mind are extremely creative and often come up with the sharpest and most revolutionary ideas. Monkey mind is in fact a strength in many areas of life and career fields, where problem-solving and brainstorming on the spot is absolutely critical.

However, monkey mind has it’s own drawbacks as it can hinder your focus. Especially when trying to focus on developing one thing in your life for a very, very, very long time.

Like business for example. I’m already thinking about new business ventures to start even though my current business hasn’t even reached ONE YEAR in operation yet.

Or career fields. I’ve always been passionate about teaching and working in the academic environment, but now I find myself fascinated about the start-up and 3D prototyping sector, and the huge development these pathways and technologies have on our society!

One of the hardest questions I get asked is “So, what is it that you do?”. Because as a matter of fact, I do SO many things! Is this bad?

I’m a big believer in not putting all my eggs in one basket, but should there be a limit as to how many new and shiny baskets I carry throughout my Life? 🐣

Monkey Mind isn’t necessarily bad, it just needs a little mental discipline

Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think monkey mind is necessarily wrong. However, I do believe this characteristic should be accompanied with another trait that brings our minds to rest, clarity, and focus. A trait that helps to seek the big picture, establish perspective in your Life, both of which help to discipline the monkey in your head. This valuable trait, the ying-yang to your brain’s monkey gang, is meditation.

I won’t get into too much detail, but I do find meditation to be quite helpful for those who constantly think of new ideas and tend to branch off to other minor tasks. Outside of my daily 5 prayers as a Muslim, I’ve really found that having a 10 minute meditation session (or two) during the day really help to align my mind and body. It also really helps to establish peace with myself in the projects that I’m currently pursuing, whatever they may be.

The best things in Life take time

After emptying up your mind through meditation (like pouring dirty water out of a cup), you start to establish more focus and become at more ease with Life. You also realize that it’s not always wise to drift off into new ideas without finishing the ones you started first. Great things take time.

After all, the city of Rome wasn’t built overnight, it was built one brick at a time.

So give each idea it’s due time, energy, and respect. That’s how you build a phenomenal Life, and that’s what I’ll continue learning to do.

Much love <3,

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