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Memories ⌛

Time is life’s greatest wonderment. Captivating in its ways of creating history and the World we live in, and mysterious in its ways of shaping our lives through a series of experiences. Our personalities, career paths, reputation and destinies are formed by a collection of experiences made up of millions of fragments in time.

Every breathe we take occupies its own unique space in our lives. Every thought that passes our mind occupies a second, a minute, or an hour that we will never have again. Memories create chapters in your life that you can never recreate. Like a tape recorder that burns all the film that passes through it, you can never capture those moments again. You can only remember.

It hurts to remember the good things that once were, but seized to remain. What do I do with those memories? How do I deal with their passing?

Our lives seem to be nothing but a book with various chapters, mine at least. We are all authors of our books. Different chapters with different characters, sceneries, and story-lines that play a role in the moment of our life right now. The people that pass through are either ones that will follow us to the next chapter or ones that just pass by. People that we once shared magical experiences with can perish away instantly, as soon as the chapter ends. Perhaps their departure is the very reason that chapter ended in the first place.

The people that stay through the leading chapters of your life are blessings, and the people that pass through are only lessons.

So create remarkable memories. Don’t take time for granted because nothing will ever remain. Don’t set expectations for any character that you come across in your book of life, even the ones that you love. Because people will always come and go, but your heart and God will always remain.

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