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Losing Yourself in Searching ūüĒ≠

I can’t believe how naive I was for not¬†taking care of¬†myself.

During the past couple of months, I got so lost in the art of doing,¬†that I forgot “why” I was doing what I was doing in the first place. I was getting so caught up in the day-to-day activities of my business, that my vision of my business had started to fade away. I was getting so caught up in the micro tasks of each day, that I was losing touch with the macro vision of my Life.

I was so caught up in paddling my boat, forgetting to lift my head up and¬†see where I was actually headed.¬†Everyday was becoming a drag, and I was only losing my appetite more and more…

And so to combat this, I thought I would start searching for the next BIG thing in my Life:

  • Maybe I should get into e-commerce and launch an online store?!¬†
  • Maybe I should look into real estate investing?!
  • Maybe I should start my own podcast?!
  • Maybe I should find a better job?!
  • Maybe I should just travel more?!
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Maybe this, maybe that. Maybe, maybe. maybe. A never-ending cycle…

And so I went outside of my Life and started searching for new things¬†to make me happy, only to realize that searching for the next “thing” only made my frustration worse. I was constantly looking for things to fill¬†a void within me, only to realize that whatever I put into this void, was leaking out.

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“…searching for the next thing¬†only made my frustration worse.”

Sometimes we can’t help but go out chasing things and chasing¬†people, not realizing that we are losing ourselves in the process. This in return makes you a fragile person, since you start placing your hopes and expectations on everything outside of yourself, which is a¬†very¬†dangerous position to be in.

I finally learned that I needed to look inside myself, and not outside of it. I learned that I was lacking new goals to help me move forward with the current things I have going for me, which are truly wonderful things! I realized I had already achieved my goals from last year, but failed to update my goals for this year.

And so the crux of the article is this: set new goals. Setting new goals is one of the best ways to bring yourself back-on-track in Life, and in a better direction. This process looks like the following:

  1. Take some time to reflect and recharge alone, with an agenda in hand.
  2. Pull out a pen and create a new entry in your journal called “New Goals”.
  3. List down goals in each of the different categories of your life.
    (For example: career goals, fitness goals, legacy goals, relationship goals, and spiritual goals)

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“Setting new goals is one of the best ways to bring yourself back-on-track in Life, and¬†in a better direction.”

If there is any endeavor, career path, or accomplishment out there worth pursuing, then it will come to you so as long as you place¬†goals in your Life.¬†Once you know what it is you truly want out of Life, you’ll be able to spot the right opportunities when they come your way.

The opposite is also true. When you don’t know what it is you want out of Life, you’ll be living a day-to-day existence with no sense of vision of what’s to come, only leaving you drained and exhausted¬†with time. Without goals in Life, anything on the outside can easily shatter you; be it people, World events,¬†family drama, relationships etc.

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“Without goals in Life, anything can easily shatter you.”

Make a commitment to make yourself a priority. Make a commitment to build yourself from¬†within by placing goals worth achieving, and updating these goals into bigger goals once you’ve achieved the earlier ones.

Make a commitment to stop searching for outside things to make you happy, because you already have everything you need to live a remarkable Life.

And finally,

Make a commitment to stop searching for people to make you happy. The right people will come into your Life and find you, but only when you have first found yourself.

Thank you for reading,

Much love <3


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