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Jump FIRST, fly LATER ūüź¶

‚ÄúWe have to continually be jumping off cliffs and develop our wings on the way down.‚ÄĚ -Kurt Vonnegut

I came across this quote the other day, and it’s just¬†one of those quotes that strike you unexpectedly.

My friends know very well that my social media¬†feed is BLASTED with inspirational posts and quotes. So much so that I’ve now been finding myself¬†picking the right quote for the right¬†friend at the right time in their Life.

This time, this quote spoke to me. Not only me but the whole network of neuron “minions” in my head. I think I literally heard them chant altogether “Aahhaa!!”

So often we become overwhelmed with the initial steps of anything and everything new. While it is definitely important to make an educated, passion-driven, and risk-based assessment before embarking on any new venture (eg. business, career path, hobby, or even a new relationship), most people often get so hung up on the initial thinking and pondering phase that they eventually never end up taking that first initial step.

Once we believe we’ve done everything in our capacity to prepare ourselves for¬†the risks we take in Life, we should put away our books, tie our shoes and JUMP. Of course you should do your best to project what lies on the other side, for it would be foolish to jump into a pool knowing it is full of alligators, but rather, I urge you not¬†to dwell very heavily on the details of what could come. The further our minds try to scan the endless possibilities of the uncertain future,¬†the blurrier our vision and decision-making becomes. Our minds weren’t designed to have that type of ultra pre-assessing capability.

This is a plea for me and you to start and always take the jump. Why? Because only when you take that leap will you find the missing puzzle pieces on the way down.

You will only know if this new chapter is right for you once you get to the other side. And most often then not, this new chapter will change your life, regardless of what outcomes you achieve.

The information you seek lies on the other side, and you will never know until you “SEE” it for yourself

I believe it’s okay not to know the answers to everything, we’re not perfect. We are not pre-programmed robots that can project and decode¬†each and every single possible problem scenario that could happen in the future.

Which brings me to my next point: It is okay to fail.

In fact, you MUST fail. If you are not failing you are not growing. If you are not failing that’s a sign you’ve been living a stagnant life for too long, and it’s time for a change…so please FAIL! It is a better¬†alternative than nothing.

Three scenarios could happen upon taking that jump, and the amazing thing is that they ALL work to your favor:

1) You will either achieve what you have long desired for

2) OR you will discover something completely new (if not better)

3) OR you will fall hard and FLAT on your face. Needless to say, you will then get back on your feet and emerge a more stronger, wiser, and courageous individual compared to your counterparts who are still at the same point in life where you left them.

In any case, you will come out with a magnificent story to share with the World. A new chapter that you wrote in your book of life that will with you forever. A story that you can pass on to the future generations ahead of you.

Failure is the trademark of all influential people that have ever walked on this planet

Think about every inspirational movie you’ve watched, bestselling adventure novel¬†you’ve read, and most influential role-model you look up to – what¬†is the common¬†theme these three have in common?

TRY > Struggle > DEFEAT > TRY AGAIN > Struggle > VICTORY

The legendary are those who know defeat very well, and emerge after falling down on their knees each time. They are not afraid to try again and again, and by all means they are not afraid to keep jumping off new cliffs to discover and achieve greater things whilst leaving a great impact in this World.

Because one day your time will come, and you’ll be thankful you’ve failed more than you succeeded.

You’ll be thankful you’ve failed more than you succeeded



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