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Early Morning Greatness

Waking up early has been such a powerful source of creative energy for me.

It’s Ramadan 2021. Fasting takes place between sunrise and sunset, so it’s important to eat and drink before sunrise in order to stay nourished while fasting throughout the day.

Waking up after a few hours of sleep is really hard, but fasting on an empty stomach is even harder. So there’s a bigger motivation to wake up early during these 30 days (also a great way of building an early morning routine that can last after Ramadan, since they say it takes approx. 3 weeks to build a habit).

I always think I’ll go back to sleep immediately after eating and praying, but something has been pushing me to stay awake instead of going back to bed.

There’s this immense creative energy that befalls me during the early hours of the day, when most people are still sleep. My body and eyes may feel tired, but my brain is up and running like a 100% efficient nuclear reactor ready for production.

  • My whole conscious feels so alive and present, capable of absorbing and comprehending information at a faster rate.
  • My decision making is much more clear, able to fully identify what it is I need to achieve during the day to reach my full potential.
  • My self esteem and confidence are reset to maximum, unaffected by any ill thoughts accumulated throughout the day.

After this Ramadan, my goal is to make it a habit of waking up really early. What a blessing it is to be part of a faith that instills good habits within you.

May Allah (swt) bless all of us with many more Ramadans to come, and may He transform us into better human beings that can do good on this planet.

– Ahmed

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