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Dare to “fall” in love again 💌

It wasn’t all that bad. Coming to think of it, it wasn’t bad at all.

I pray she is well. We both had our share of mistakes that we learned from. I wouldn’t go back and change a thing. Our beautiful memories were created for a purpose. Our unfortunate ending was also created for a purpose, too. The battle-scars of love made us both stronger. I know that for myself and I’m confident she is now more stronger too.

But perhaps it was fate’s decision that we were best placed in other peoples’ hearts. Perhaps the affection we had for one another wasn’t worth the long-term pain. Perhaps the fire of these two shining stars would be damaging if they were merged together.

Falling in love was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, but I learned dignity and trust are worth much more. They are the foundation of every relationship.

I also learned that it isn’t wise to spill emotions too soon. The feelings you develop, if not balanced with logic, can blind your mind of any red flags that could appear along the way. The words of the heart and the mind should never outweigh one another, for love is a bird and it’s wings are “logic” and “emotion”. Both need to be in sync.

I fell in love once, and it hurt, but I’m happy it did.

Maybe God brings certain people your way so you can discover more about yourself.
Maybe God let’s you fall in love -and fail- so you can learn what love really means.
Maybe God allows your heart to be broken so that you can learn how to fix it.

and maybe He empowers you to fix your own heart, so you can learn to fall in love again.

I hope you learned something about love, dear reader 😉

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