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Be Careful with your Attention

be careful with your attention

Everyone is begging for your attention. From the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head to sleep, all your attention has been consumed by other people for their own self interest.

At the end of the day, you are left with very little attention to attend to your own needs.

If you’re not careful, the World will grab 100% of your attention and it will decide who you must become:

  • We think the reason why we’re sad is because we don’t have enough money, because that’s what that rich kid said on Instagram.
  • We think the reason why we’re still single is because we’re not physically fit, because that’s what that fitness model said on Facebook.
  • We think the reason why we’re not successful in our careers is because we are very quiet people, because that’s what that personal coach said on LinkedIn.

And even if these people didn’t directly say these things, their actions and follower count gives them enough power to influence your behavior, without you even noticing.

And so we go out chasing things because other people told us to, only to find that those things never made us happy after all.

The reality is, everyone is trying to sell you on what worked for them. But that very thing may not necessarily work for you.

The reality is, everyone is trying to sell you on “what worked for them“. But that very thing may not necessarily work for you.

Perhaps you are uncomfortable now not because you need more money, but because you need more inner peace in your life. Maybe you have lost touch with friends, and all you need to do is pick up the phone and reconnect with them. Maybe you used to love drawing or painting as a kid, and you left that hobby a long time ago because life got too busy.

Everybody is begging for your attention, and you must be extremely careful of how you spend that attention. Because when you give someone or something significant attention, it can change you in a very positive or in a very negative way.

To ensure your attention is not being negatively influenced, it’s important to always be at peace with yourself. Spend some time everyday thinking about your own needs and what makes you happy. If you don’t nurture your thought process (#mentalhealth), your frustration in not knowing what you want will turn into desperation, which will lead you into the wrong person’s hands.

Be careful with your attention, or it will put you in the wrong direction.

Thank you for your attention.

Much love <3

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