The Intersection 🚦

Corporate life vs. entrepreneurship? The intersection of the decade. I hope this video will help you put everything into perspective, and focus on what actually matters. It’s less than 2 minutes. Welcoming feedback, enjoy! -Ahmed

Monkey Mind 🙈

Disclaimer: This post does not allude to evolution nor the idea that we’re descendants from a particular animal species. Bear with me here (pun intended). I can’t count how many times I get distracted with new and exciting ideas everyday. Ideas as to how I can make better improvements to my career, add more value to my business, …

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Toronto Sick 😷

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post. A lot of things have happened ever since, well, in my head at least. November will mark my 10th month in Guelph, away from Toronto. I’ve recently been so consumed by my work and business that I find myself missing Toronto more than ever. While I’ve achieved many …

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