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100 Days of Rejections 😜

Let’s admit it, nobody likes getting rejected. Whether it’s being rejected from a job opportunity you wanted so bad, getting rejected from ‘once’ dear friends after you’ve been busy for a while, or getting rejected from a guy/girl you were interested in.

But what about all the times you did NOT get rejected? Do you remember those? What about when you applied and got the job you always wanted? What about when you asked and got the support of a mentor to help you succeed in your career? What about when you inquired and bought the house of your dreams? What about when you proposed and she said “YES”! ?

Being rejected half the time sucks however, but it’s completely normal. What’s BAD is when the fear of being rejected haunts you to the point where you’ll never ask for anything anymore. I’m not saying you should learn to depend on people and not live an independent life. All I’m saying is, don’t shut the doors of wonderful life-changing opportunities when they’re only a “request” away, and especially when they’re right IN FRONT OF YOU!

It takes a lot of guts to ask for big things, that’s because you need those big things to continue living a successful and fruitful life. If you don’t ask however, you’ll never receive.

Why it’s okay to ask people for things:

  1. Be part of social circles that will help you live a much more fulfilled life
  2. Get insider tips on how you can run your business or do your job better
  3. Seize things you never thought you can have by simply “asking”. People will admire the initiative and courage, and are more likely to give you that which you seek [spacer height=”20px”]

The true wealth is all around you: People

Perhaps the person sitting across you at the cafe is the CEO of the company you’ve always wanted to be a part of. Perhaps the colleague sitting across from your cubicle has access to a Reddit article that helped him lose 50lb over the Summer. Perhaps the person waiting in line behind you has tickets to a sold-out Raptors game that they don’t need anymore (but YOU DO!). Perhaps your Uber driver has a friend who’s the PERFECT match for you, if only you started a convo with him/her about how their day went. Perhaps that business owner on Instagram is looking for someone with your exact talent, if only you’d send them a ONE-liner DM that takes 30 seconds![spacer height=”10px”]

Building Confidence through: Rejection

Ask, and you will receive.

But how do you amass the courage to ask? Practice. Deliberately put yourself in uncomfortable situations (yes!). Start with examples that slightly challenge your comfort zone. Try small, manageable rejections and work your way up until huge “NO!”s won’t hurt you anymore.

Oh yes and you’ll definitely need to throw your ego out the window, ALL of it. Time to get humble my friends

The example list below was derived from Nick Notas’ article “Why You Need to Go Out and Get Rejected”:

  1. Go into a store and ask for something you know they don’t have.
  2. Go into a store and ask for a 10% discount on your purchase. (credit: James Altucher)
  3. Ask a stranger for directions to some place obviously close (right next to you) or really far away (like in another province)
  4. Say something embarrassing or dance in public. Notice the people laughing or looking at you uncomfortably.
  5. Write on a piece of paper, β€œDo you want to get a coffee sometime? Write your number if yes, return this if no.” Give that to a random woman you find attractive.[spacer height=”20px”]

Got any other ideas? Put them in the comment section!

As the title notes, I’d like to embark on a Rejection Adventure. It’s gonna be a salty voyage for sure (pun intended), but I’m in it for the experience. I’ll be updating this blog and sharing with you my experiences and what I’ve learned.

(BONUS: Give me a rejection task,  I will voice/video record the interaction, and will share it on my blog)

Much love, will update you soon. Here we go!


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